18 January 2007

Brighton Goes Off

A big day in Brighton.

Big weather, big waves. Not really a morning for swimming!

Here's a video of how things are looking from the roof of the Neilson office in Brighton Marina:

The shakiness of the picture is a clue as to the difficulty I encountered while trying to stand upright on the roof of a three-storey building in 50 knot winds.

The weather is just one item on the long list of things that make Brighton such a great place to be. When it's sunny, we get beautiful warm weather with beach barbecues and lazy bike rides on the South Downs. And when the storms come, the ferocious winds and enormous seas batter the seafront and remind us about the power of the elements. It's amazing.

Amazing, but damn hard to ride a bike in a straight line...

To see how Brighton is looking right now, have a look at the webcam and weather summary in my sidebar.

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