30 November 2007

Whizzkid Kingpin

I've just seen news of the arrest, by New Zealand police, of a teenage hacker who is being questioned in connection with major online fraud.

In the article the police are reported to have alleged that the teenager is a "whizkid kingpin".

A whizzkid kingpin. Superb.

Firstly, can you ever imagine the British police describing someone in these terms?

But more interestingly, I would love to hear these words spoken in authoritative tones by a policemen with kiwi accent. How on earth would this phrase sound with those mutated kiwi vowels?

Whuzzkud kungpun.

I love it.


Antoine said...

I've a good mind to never speak to you again Mr Undrews!!!!!!!

Untoine - Recovering Exclamaniac

Clive Andrews said...

Dear Entoine

Consulting here my New Zealand English - British English dictionary, I'm sure the kiwi for my name is actually Endrews, is it not?

I was behind a New Zealander in a queue at a train ticket office the other day. He was appalled that the price of his ticket was £11.60.

"Uluven suxty?" he kept shouting at the booking clerk. "Uluven suxty?"

Antoine said...

"fush and chups" is the one the Australians give us a hard time about.

Clive Andrews said...

Thanks for reading!

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