17 December 2007

Is Television the New Meat?

Simon's Sosmix chicken
I've not eaten meat deliberately for around 14 years. (There was that chain of accidental events back in Finikounda, but that's another story...).When I first went veggie, I became used to the curiosity of those around me: "But why not?" "Is is because of the animals?" and the classic "I bet you miss bacon."

I've grown used to all the questions over the years, but people don't seem to interrogate veggies like they used to. Their curiosity is no longer there. Being a vegetarian has become normal in our society. I am officially mainstream.

However, confess to people I don't have a television, and that's a different matter. They are fascinated. Or horrified. "What? Not at all? But how do you know what's going on? What do you do in the evening?" They are taken aback. Declining to watch television is seen as a puritanical self-denial of the most extreme kind.

Television is the new meat.

And what will be the new television? Driving licenses, I reckon.


Anonymous said...

Nah, battery farming is the new meat. By condemning battery farming it means that people can buy and eat free-range, organic meat which has had a good life so tastes better guilt free.

Anonymous said...

I think it'll be smack. Even today, when I drop the kids off at school some parents can't believe we haven't got them onto smack yet. I say let them enjoy themselves on the crystal meth, but things are so competitive these days, it's only a matter of time.


Anonymous said...

I don't eat meat anymore but I don't consider myself a vegetarian. I don't own a television any more but I'll watch a DVD on my computer. I don't have a driver's license any more but only because I don't have a car. I never had a cellular telephone, but I have considered getting one just so I could stop using it for no apparent reason...

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