13 December 2007

Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2007

I love photography in many forms, but I've never really thought of myself as a fan of wildlife photos. Give me portraits, landscapes, sports, architecture. I've never had much time for the animals, I'm afraid.

But when Mel suggested a visit to the Natural History Museum's Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year show, I agreed it could be worth a visit.

Wow. As someone who doesn't consider himself a fan of wildlife photos, I lost count of the amount of amazing images which blew me away. Staggering colours, amazing situations and some inspiring creatures.

It's so hard to decide on a favourite, but this shot of a bear by Sergey Gorshkov is one I will remember for a while.

The show was beautifully presented in the Jarwood Gallery of the Natural History Museum. Lightboxes were displayed around the perimeter, with winning shots shown large in enclosures in the centre of the gallery.

Also in the centre of the room were interactive displays reminiscent of Flickr's map functionality. We were able to browse the photos geographically, and were invited to email the photos to ourselves. Disappointingly, my choices have not yet appeared in my Gmail, but I don't mind when the Awards' website allows you to browse the finalists and leave comments.

It was plain to how the entrants were dominated by digital equipment, in particular the Canon 1D and other Canon cameras. Of the few photos shot on film, Fuji Velvia was the film of choice.

The show is on until 27 April. Go see.


na said...

I love this competition, really inspiring shots, I was thinking of entering it this year, though I am only 16, so I might wait a year or so, but please have a look at my gallery: www.brookewhatnall.com and see if I would have a chance in the comp

Anonymous said...

No thoughts on the contradiction between Shell Oil - one of the worlds worst polluters, responsible for untold devastation around the world, sponsoring a wildlife photography competition?

Check out www.artnotoil.org.uk

Unknown said...

Yes, it is a bit hypocritical - check out Shell Oiled Wildlife.

Clive Andrews said...

Good point, Nick and 'Anonymous'.

I suppose it's fairly shrewd of Shell to be involved with such a competition, in order to directly address their negative environmental reputation.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I'm planning to go and see this on Saturday (AFTER buying my Guardian, obviously). I can't wait!

Clive Andrews said...

Thanks for reading!

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